The TrueCrypt closure, the conspiracy

People has to recognize the importance of the encryption and use it in order to protect their rights of privacy and security.@princessgentoo Truecrypt was an encryption application that suddenly ended its development. It is well-known that this is the encryption application that used Snowden. I personally value a lot this application since I know it […]

How to use Pastebin to stream music

This song inspired me since I love it and is blocked in Youtube in many countries: Pastebin allows to upload 10MB of text to premium users , I had upgraded to a lifetime premium account because I wanted to use pastebin as a unlimited pictures hosting. At the beginning it worked, but then Pastebin […]

Install the Tor browser in OpenSUSE & Fedora

Tor is available in both distros, however Tor and Tor Browser aren’t the same. I discovered this Fedora repo which contains the Tor Browser RPM: OpenSUSE Instalation : 1.- Enter in this FTP address and choose the latest Fedora version: 2.- Click in your architecture 3.- Search for tor-browser by pressing Ctrl + […]