How to switch to airplane mode or power off Android in the night.

First of all, if you want to switch to airplain mode automatically, then you need a rooted device. It’s mandatory despite of what you will use, and in this post we will need to be root for every step. You may download an application as the one that I had, Auto Airplain; however, that app […]

How to use Pastebin to stream music

This song inspired me since I love it and is blocked in Youtube in many countries: Pastebin allows to upload 10MB of text to premium users , I had upgraded to a lifetime premium account because I wanted to use pastebin as a unlimited pictures hosting. At the beginning it worked, but then Pastebin […]

How to listen only the audio in Youtube using the console

The most common Youtube app downloader there is youtube-dl, I am pretty sure that it is available in Ubuntu’s, Debian’s, Arch’s, Gentoo’s and OpenSUSE repos; but it is certain that it is available in a bunch of distros. In Ubuntu and Debian you may install it with this command: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl I think this […]

Fix history with repeated commands

In regard to the recent issues concerning  MEGA I need to do something D: When executing the command “history” one hundred and sixty thousand lines are showed!!! really!!, this because of an application in my cellphone know as “home remote control” (I bought it because it works pretty fine) executed lots of commands in order to get control of […]