The TrueCrypt closure, the conspiracy

People has to recognize the importance of the encryption and use it in order to protect their rights of privacy and security.@princessgentoo

Truecrypt was an encryption application that suddenly ended its development. It is well-known that this is the encryption application that used Snowden.

I personally value a lot this application since I know it even before knowing about Linux. Once, when I used to use Windows, I downloaded an educative disk image of libre applications, and now I am still using some of them in Linux.

With all I have read lately it seemed that the situation in the world regarding privacy was really bad. But I still had hope, there is this one thing that you can still trust in, encryption. Just as Snowden said.

If you are really observant, you will realize that the FBI and the NSA are always trying to circumvent the encryption in Tor since they are not able to crack it, so they attack in the outside, i.e the entry and the exit, but never in the middle. Before you send an encrypted message they are able to read from your screen before you send it.

Do not go so far, as long as you uses WhatsApp or your site is using is HTTPS (as this site), you are using encryption. Google established the encryption as the Internet standard and sanctions the sites that are not using HTTPS and rewards the ones that are using it. If you are going to type a password and the site is not using HTTPS, then your web browser will tell you that the connection is non secure.

Encryption is so important that even an inexpert hacker could read what are you sending and receiving if the connection is not encrypted.

A a very reliable and secure encryption can take hundreds thousands years to break using the most powerful computer that actually exist, and only the owner can decrypt it using the password and/or the right token.

The Truecrypt closure

This was tragic in many ways, the worst misfortune was that it was not possible to encrypt the whole hard disk in the Windows Operative system without depending on Microsoft. Once again we were handing over to Microsoft a complete control of ours PC. If Microsoft wanted, they could decrypt any encrypted computer, since the Bitlocker functioning is secret and only know by Microsoft.

In practice, it is not a problem, but of course it is if you become in a enemy of the state in the US, as you may know, the NSA has been involving with the business sector in order to weak the encryption and so they have the ability to decrypt.

Second, if you really want privacy, you should not use Windows, instead you should use Linux o BSD which functioning is completely transparent and public. Thus, the Federal Reserve System, the White House and the CERN uses Linux.

Controversial announcement

A announcement was posted in the site that said that TrueCrypt has to be considered as insecure and to do not use it anymore, this has nothing to do with conspiracy theories and we have to take it in a simple way, that is exactly what the developers announces when they will stop developing their software, as there won’t be any updates it has to be considered as insecure. Did you know that the security auditions in the following years showed that TruCrypt is secure?

Don’t distort and overreact with regard to the instructions posted about Bitlocker, it also said that there are alternatives for another platforms (Linux and Mac), and we have to considerate that Bitlocker is the only alternative that remains for Windows.

What we can regard as false is that they decided to end the project due the closure of Windows XP, the future features planned was concerning to Windows 8 and UEFI.

If you wonder why they stopped the development, we can assure that TrueCrypt was developed actively through its life span, in the moment of the closure it had two years with any updates. That was something foreseeable.


Truecrypt not only offered a Full Disk encryption, but also offered something innovative that approached the encryption to everyone, it allowed to create a file that worked as a container for your files, and open it typing your password.

The best? It was multi-platform, you could use it in Windows as well Linux. Since it was a file , you could save there your important files, and backup it without any problem or move easily.

Now, there are forks and alternatives such as VeraCrypt, but the damage is already done.

I recently discovered that you can create a container file natively in Linux (it will only work in Linux and Mac) , but sincerely it took me time to realize it, now imagine the people that does know nothing.

Here is how to create a container file, you have to execute the commands as root, be pretty careful with the dd command. This command used in the wrong way can erase you hard disk completely, and to tell you the truth it was the only command I was afraid of, but after using frequently is very simple. In the first command replaces the x for the amount of megabytes that you will assign to your container.
As for the cryptosetup luksFormat, you may use a more secure settings that the defaults ones that I use here:

dd if=/dev/random of=contenedor.img bs=1024k count=x #no copies y pegues sin leer con detenimiento

cryptsetup luksFormat contenedor.img

cryptsetup luksOpen contenedor.img secret

mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/secret

mount /dev/mapper/secret /mnt

These bottons respect your privacy

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