How to use Pastebin to stream music

This song inspired me since I love it and is blocked in Youtube in many countries:

Pastebin allows to upload 10MB of text to premium users , I had upgraded to a lifetime premium account because I wanted to use pastebin as a unlimited pictures hosting. At the beginning it worked, but then Pastebin started to damage the pictures so that them could not be used anymore.

Finally I realized that the decoding of base64 could be done in real-time while it is being played in a music player, so I created the most complex script that I’ve done until today.

You can download here:

You can directly execute it with the following command and I recommend you to visit for more information.

bash <(curl

When you run it, you can listen in streaming the 100MB of music I uploaded to Pastebin and even you could download, but I can tell you to do so. And even I have to tell you to not download it. However, if you wish to download the music read the Script help. To tell you the truth I had thought to upload 500MB but then I regretted to do so.


  1. Modokashii Sekai No Ue De
  2. Super Driver
  3. First Good-bye
  4. Lost my Music
  5. Vanilla Salt
  6. Rottara Rottara

You can modify these list and upload your favorite songs, because pastebin has a file limit per file, I solved this limit in the code I wrote, however the song has to be uploaded in several parts. For more information read the help in the Script.

I gonna share music using this method.

These bottons respect your privacy