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This site is one of various projects, however, it was my original project. It has been a very interesting and beautiful story since then.

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Is your website powered by Linux?
Yes, my website is powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 😉



I really hope that you like my nice blog ^-^, I think it is a unique blog as there is few blogs about Gentoo, besides the Gentoo users usually are advanced programmers and computers professionals , and I am not so. In this link I’m talking about me: About

If you do not know what Gentoo is then soon it will be available an introduction to Gentoo for beginners. 

Gentoo is like a war tank that I maintain with lots of love <3


DID YOU KNOW THAT here in the Internet subculture  is often said to install Gentoo in the same way as it is said to delete System 32  ?

My opinions about  Gentoo  are:

  1.  99% of people that have not ever used Linux before and try to install Gentoo usually fails.
  2.  The 90% of end-users of Linux probably don’t achieve to install it.
  3. About 60% of intermediate-advanced Linux users decides that they don’t want to invest time and effort for Gentoo.
  4. Only 30% to 50% of people that once installed Gentoo are still using it .

source: Amulet-chan

The Gentoo foundation president said:

There are no failed Gentoo installs. Everyone learns from the experience.
There may be varying degrees of success but no failures.

Its not “can not”. Its a value judgement related to the effort required for the perceived reward.

That’s a little like the difference between ignorant and stupid.
Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be fixed with education given a willingness to learn. source

My Linux experience

I will tell you everything I get through before using Gentoo and in the end I hope you will find out the answer to my question 😉 BTW the liveDVD have no use for installing Gentoo, so if it is what you pretended so please do not download it.

First experience:

When I was 12 years old, the computer teacher told us about Linux… Some time after I wanted to add cute symbols with alt key in Windows and then I  come across with a Linux application, I downloaded it but it did not work.

I was 13 when I first used Linux, and what I saw was very similar to this picture:



[Nijiiro] Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live - 24 [720p][0B020E17].mkv_snapshot_13.08_[2013.09.19_19.23.19]Then when I was 15 years old I became a Linux user for the first time, I had not never told you about that time, but sincerely it was not that easy

All my files were in an external hard disk— now I remember— since in my PC was not enough storage available. So that was pretty easy to let Linux to erase everything with no problems at all.

gosh!!!, what a horrible screen distortion  D:

MXYym (1)
(similar picture)

By lucky I think I changed the screen resolution and it did not solved it, at least it looked better. I searched a lot about this problem without success :c

Problem 2. How to get working the WIFI?

I searched for several day and in the end I thought: “Why better I move the modem and managed to connect the UTP wire. I didn’t understand that stuff about Ndiswrapper…

Well, my hardware was horrible and please take note that the first thing to do is to search if the hardware is compatible :c

Mi daily use:

It was not bad, I used the web browser, listened to music and used the office suite. Another difficulty was to get used to OpenOffice since I was used to Microsoft Office Word, but it is similar so I did it 😉

A big mistake was trying to install the applications as in Windows, i.e unnecessary downloading software with the web browser when the proper thing is to install applications from the software center.


  1. There is a lot of Linuxes, some are very different so that it seems that the only thing in common is that are related to Linux in a way.

2. The Linux from the last pictures is called Ubuntu, it is the easiest Linux in overall.

Some months after I was given a netbook <3 and I discovered a Linux test for  finding out the best distro Linux for me: A test similar to this:


It turned out to be Linux Mint, I was the most beautiful experience possible: Super beautiful, fast and everything was magically detected <3 I loved its effects.


(similar picture)


Wanna a better distro, I said to myself

Finally indeed after 12 months I began to learn Linux. When I installed Fedora with KDE I learned that one specific version of Linux could have very different graphical interfaces, by the way KDE is so pretty <3 , it is the cutest thing here in Linux if you ask me. The problem of thinking that a distro is better than other is that you can become obsessed with trying distros Linux with not self-restraining D:



(Similar picture)

Thanks to Fedora I started using the Linux console. Fedora is more difficult than Ubuntu or Linux Mint, however it is the distro of choice of Linus Torvalds ¿Did you know that? In order to learn to use the Linux Console it is a good idea to stop using the Ubuntu’s based distros.

¡¡In Fedora is developed the future of Linux¡¡

NOTE: I messed up everything because of the Fedora’s default partition management , it uses a very advanced partition manager called as LVM that other distros of Linux usually does not use.

NOTE2: I lost the WIFI several times when I updated the kernel, so that I deleted from fstab my boot partition parameters, this happened because Fedora updates too often.

Using Fedora I acquainted two new graphical interfaces. At the end I had 2 desktops installed together. To tell you the truth I learned a lot of things because during the first year I installed Linux I had not learned enough.

Using Fedora I lost all my files and I could not recover them due to the complex logical volume management (LVM) :c

Despite of it I decided to reinstall it:

I didn’t like how it looked; it is cute but simple. It inspired me a lot, in that time I learned a lot about plants.


This Japanese clock was one of the first applications I learned how to compile, indeed it is a widget.

In Linux the compilation consists of three simple steps which is remarkable; thus sometimes the compilation may look hard but it is just a question of knowing simple tricks.


superthumb (1).png

What a shame, it was when I didn’t know about decoration and I had to get used to the Gnome 2’s ugly grey theme :p


I learned  to convert videos with the console, in that time my favorite anime was Madoka Magica and I wanted to convert it in others formats, also I started to listen my music using the Linux console. O.O


old fashioned.jpg


Linux Mint:


The displayed logo is the Debian’s logo because I had Debian  and Linux Mint at the same time, but also you can appreciate the Firefox logo which means that I did not have IceWeaseal (I did not liked the look of this desktop)

I had Mate, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE and obviously KDE as graphical interface installed….


I thought it was great but there is at least 60 desktop interfaces in Linux, however I used the most popular desktop interfaces. Bellow is a large list with the Windows Managers:


I got some daemons to run only in Mate and others in Cinnamon, this in order to avoid compatibility issues. It is said to avoid installing several desktop environments, but I think that this just applies to noobs and practical persons.




This is one of the best distro Linux there, but  also it is a distro of first choice when KDE is regarded, although KaOS is very popular nowadays.

Next I used Linux Mint with my mom’s laptop and installed Ubuntu with XFCE in a SD card that looks the same as this:



In my netbook I used Ubuntu and in my mom’s laptop Linux Mint, I think I installed Ubuntu in the card through a Virtual Machine.

This mas my first installation of Ubuntu with no GUI, in order to do a net-install installed I left unselected these options:


And then I looked at the documentation for the last steps -pretty simple commands- and finally the last thing to do was to freely install applications as notepad, web browser and so ….

I installed Debian Testing with Mate, and so this was the way of how I installed and reinstalled 4 distros in only 3 months D:

Screenshot from 2013-03-04 20:59:16.png

Note: The distros that helped me a lot for the Gentoo challenge were: Fedora, Debian Testing, Arch and Slackware 

Arch Linux:


I was afraid of this Linux distro because the people says that it is unstable, so I imagined it was target at programmers and Linux experts, but the Ubuntu installation that I had just done motivated me to do it:



Pretty easy!! I said for myself

It had been 2 years since I started to learn about Linux, of course is it easy o.o 

And for the first time I thought that installing Gentoo was indeed possible, what I once believed as impossible , suddenly became as something possible.

I installed Zim which is a diary style wiki , I used it for taking notes about my customization settings 😀




Slackware con Compiz:

That year I was still obsessed with the belief of  Arch being unstable so that anything could happen. Well, then  I made a mistake and this is what I learned from it:

Slackware is not for being minimalist in the same way as Arch Linux, my recommendation is to install as many libraries and environments as possible before installing it.

While in Arch I learned the fundamentals of the installation of a system, in Slackware I learned a lot about de dependencies between packages since I installed it in a minimalist way, i.e only using the console.



My first Windows Manager  was DWM besides Openbox, for me, something otherworldly. It have to be directly programmed in C and then be compiled, and this desktop environment consist only of 1000 programation lines in contrast to the millions of lines of Gnome and KDE

I didn’t need to learn programming since it is very well explained what and how it have to be modified 😉 , and to tell you the truth I enjoyed all a week modifying it.


Then the end of year was close and I made my mind to install Gentoo, I believed in myself and in overcoming all obstacles.




Thanks to my innocent attitude because I was very young when I first installed Gentoo,  a lot of people learned about it, at least 15,000 people, and so once changed the world  ^-^


This another theme about experiences while installing Gentoo, it is remarkable that that was not the first time I had installed Gentoo.



7 months before doing a full Gentoo installation I tried to do a Gentoo installation of no desktop, just text (no desktop, just text) and even so took me too much time, Gentoo requires that you learn about its inner tools in order to manage it properly, it took me two day and several hours to do it. Well, it was a bit of hard to me because I was in a hurry but it helped me a lot to be not stuck 7 months after in the real installation.

Despite of my skills with Linux, Gentoo brought about new problems that made me think of a lot and search  for hours.

I Installed Unity in Arch

Screenshot from 2014-05-21 08:18:59

I was given a new computer, but before this I was looking at the store and I made sure that my chosen computer was not AMD because it was such a hassle when it comes to the graphic card in Linux, the best thing is to choose Intel. ^o^

Today  installing Unity is not convenient because the repos have not been updated for a year, but it required a bit of cleverness and skill. The hard work is to maintain it after.

I installed a distro similar to the one used by the Large Hadron Collisioner 

I will come back with Gentoo soon, meanwhile I installed CentOS 7 as soon as it was released. CentOS is a clon Red Hat, and  so the LHC.  They inner functionality is almost the same.


As it is a server distro it was not ideal for playing videos but since it is technically possible to it, then I compiled it and downloaded the dependencies from the Mplayer’s website and I installed it, it was the most complicated compilation I did manually , the good is that I read in a guide or blog some time after that compiling Mplayer is really difficult :3 , I think I read it from Linux From Scratch.

I was using several packages from Fedora Schörodinger’s Cat in CentOS



This was a customized theme, I wanted to learn how to design my own themes and so I tried to make a mix of pink with blue.




Gentoo again

This would be the right screenshot for my theme of experience while installing Gentoo Linux


Now do you think you are able to install Gentoo?


Despite of my skills with GNU/Linux, Gentoo brought about new problems that made me think of a lot and search for hours.—Daya-chan

Come on!!