Curl Pink Linux


Curl Pink Linux is a very minimalist distribution based on OpenSUSE. It is intended to be a base for a future distribution for Rasberry Pi, it also is aimed to be a distribution that uses Awesome as a desktop environment.

The startup from the LiveDVD in VirtualBox is faster than other distros and can be used to have an ultra lightweight OpenSUSE. Now that Curl Pink Linux exists I am no longer interested in Arch Linux due to its simplicity.

Note: The installer is not included yet.


Special applications:


Laverna is an application for taking notes similar to Tomboy or Gnote, but it is more advanced and portable. I included it as a demo on my site. Notice that the notes are not saved on my server but on your computer. It’s open source.

It encrypts your notes and you can save them in your favorite server and sync in all your devices. As for the server, you can create the yours, I created the mine powered by Gentoo (By the way, Gentoo is not the easiest distribution to do so)


In the post-Snowden times, it is important to control the personal information.>So ,Tor is also included and in a future release torify can be used to execute any command within the Tor network.For example

torify wget

Applications and categories


Gentoo is a very minimalist file manager -even more than SpaceFM-, also PcmanFM is included



I included three logical , very light, funny and addictive games, you can play chess with the console using the command gnuchess and you can play Minesweeper runnig the xbomb command


Feh is more a cli utility, therefore it is the lighter option for viewing images.



Sonata will be ready out-of-the-box in future releases of the distro, meanwhile you’ll have to configure mpd




>Firefox includes these extensions:

  • browsec VPN: Helps to prevent tracking.
  • Ublock: blocks advertising
  • No Script: disable javascripts on sites that are not reliable

Console Utilities:

  • Imagemagick (convert)
  • Screenfetch
  • Mplayer
  • Mpd & ncmpcpp (music)
  • Moc (music)
  • Midnight commander (files)
  • Youtube-dl
  • Openssh
  • Transmission (torrents)
  • Irssi
  • Finch (pidgin ncurses interface)
  • Kernel sources
  • Bc
  • Lvm
  • Mdraid
  • Iw
  • Alien (Convert debs in rpm)
  • Dpkg
  • Fortune
  • Iputils
  • Nmap
  • Cowsay
  • Ponysay

  • Testdisk
  • Net-tools
  • Zerofree
  • Gnome-screenshot
  • Scrot

Windows Key + F1: Awesome Key Combinations


You will see a  fortune cookie by hello kitty every time you open a console

Download iso

md5: dee746e61d83dbdf7adf6ec83f2b616a

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