How to make Linux to compose music like Scrillex

I was really curious about the well-known Linux command vmlinuz > /dev/audio , so I tried it out and  found it a bit annoying, in fact I didn’t hear the voice of God . Then I tried with mp3 music files and the sounds it made were so funny.
Finally I tried the  yes command and mixed it with the fortune cookies command which I found useful, so I elaborated this command:

while true; do for p in {1..4} ; do dat=$(date +%s) ; until [ $(date +%s) -eq $(( $dat + 15 )) ]; do a=$(fortune) ; timeout $(echo "scale = 3; $(( ( RANDOM % 4 ) + 1 )) /( 6 * $p) " | bc) yes $a ; done > /dev/audio ; done ; done

Notice: This command is infinite and it will compose for you electronic music until you stop it, of course you can stop it with Ctrl+C, by the other hand you can try this 1 minute version (notice that the loop while was omitted:

for p in {1..4} ; do dat=$(date +%s) ; until [ $(date +%s) -eq $(( $dat + 15 )) ]; do a=$(fortune) ; timeout $(echo "scale = 3; $(( ( RANDOM % 4 ) + 1 )) /( 6 * $p) " | bc) yes $a ; done > /dev/audio ; done

And as always I made a shortcut for you:


And you can execute it directly so (even thought you should copy and paste):

curl -s | bash


  • bc (Usually in most distros)
  • fortune or fortune-mod
  • fortunes-min (in Ubuntu as well Debian)

Please first try the command fortune, if it complains about not finding fortunes then you must install a fortune package.

Here is a demo I made, prepare for The Gentoo Scrillex xD , I first thought it was rock, a friend of mine told me it was similar to Scrillex and then OMG! , then I realized that too. To tell you the truth I can’t believe that I come up with this command.

You may know I’ve composed music (never electronic music), it is just magic, it just happens to me ; so while making the command I thought about the duration of the notes and the overall tempo; my command features 4 tempos variations and the note duration is chosen randomly. And that’s all, get a lot of fun experimenting with those commands.

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