Everyone should root their smartphone

Warning: Rooting is risky since you can lose all your information and it revokes your warranty. It is discouraged to newbies, but is not it more exciting so?

The Firewall:

You will not have to stand adds in your apps, if you don’t love adds (I think you don’t) it will be useful to you.

There are non-root solutions, and to tell you the truth, them uses tricks for achieve it and so are limited; such apps have no proper control in the system, anything else compares to such straightforward resolution.

Also it will be helpful to save more data that the non-root options.

Making easily Widgets if you know how to use Linux:

You are in lucky if you know how to use Linux, because there is many tools you can use with busybox and you can use widgetnow, an app to program your own widget using Bash.

Enabling the Airplane mode at the night

The Airplane mode will help you to save your cellphone battery because the cell disconnects from the mobile network, WiFi, Bluetooth and data mobile.

This tip goes unnoticed. but everybody should  follow it, it results that all the apps able to activate and deactivate the airplane mode needs root, why? I don’t know but it is ridiculous, maybe it is because of the non-humans beings ruling us that need us to be online all the day.

Delete apps that

Delete apps that are no required

You can do so with Link2SD.

The first time I screw up my cellphone with this app, I deleted something called Google because I thought it was a virus , and everything stop working. I don’t recommend you this app, rather I recommend you the following:

Install a Open Source OS

When I ruined my cell I thought: “I have and advantage that nobody has, I don’t have anything to lose” ^o^ . And then I discovered the marvelous world of Linage OS, when you install Lineage Os you realize that Android is trash.

This Android distribution have many isos (ROMs) and you will love the named: Pico and Nano; I installed Nano and it was beautiful, an Android distro as I always imagined. Despite of it being the second lighter ROM, I removed many thing because I disliked them.

Use Tor for all the applications

If you have a rooted Android, this is pretty easy. In Tor Ortor are the settings and just enable the transparency proxy for all the apps.

You must use Tor, the world is not a safe place and as such, you shouldn’t keep open the windows in your house. Each time you visit a website, several sites get your IP at the same time, your city, your OS, version, web browser and sometimes your street and neighborhood  in a very clear way.

But check out , haven’t you noticed that Google has a very accurate idea of where are you (This is called geolocalization)

Disregarding your address, I’m pretty certain that the information about your IP, OS and web browser is true because this site also log this data, and is very clear. It does so because it works with Linux (REHL), and Linux logs everything. Then this logs are deleted in a week or month. However imagine that these logs are not deleted and are kept for unknown reasons (Government, police, interest).

At least keep yourself calm, this blog is a simple blog and it will not share your IP with several sites as many sites do.

Please notice that that data that I mentioned are the most superficial and easy to obtain, the web browser revels a great amount of information that can identify yourself (more than 20).

You, that may be using Linux, I recommend you the following command so you can watch your Internet connections:

iftop -NnBP -f “not port domain ”


The arguments in the command are useful for not solving the domain names but the IPs, also show you the ports as numbers and not as services. I recommend you to adjust to your needs this command.

BTW, your computer consults the DNS servers each time your breath. And finally, someone demonstrated that in 15 minutes you can get a lot amount of information about someone only by knowing his IP.



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