Debian and Openbox in a Tablet.

Here some memories of when I installed Debian in a tablet, it was funny, I didn’t installed directly but inside a chroot and I exported the X server int a VNC visor.

2013-12-16-221629_1024x540_scrot 2013-12-16-063844_1024x540_scrot screenFetch-2013-12-16_06-58-55 2013-12-16-163440_1024x540_scrot 2013-12-16-542

These are 5 pictures, if you want to watch anyone in full size only click on it ^-^
It was two years ago (4 in the moment of translation to English of this post), installing Debian would have a better performance today…
Well, Audacious opened with no problems and played free formats.. I don’t know why I was not able to play mp3, maybe it has to do with the repos….
I installed Abiword, its installation took too much time, but it could be used with any problem.

Also I installed Pychess, and of course Python was installed. I hope to have enough motivation for learning a bit of Python… C:
Notice that it only used 360MB of RAM.

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