3 years using Gentoo Linux!!!

Hello, this is my third Gentoo anniversary, almost three years ago I started installing Gentoo for the first time, I did 2 special things:

  1. I got a new domain for this website
  2. And a special video

Gentoo is kind of a husband for me :3, and nicely my former virtual husband used to talk a lot of wrong things about Gentoo.

One more thing, constantly people said that my desktop is perfect, however people like to tell me that it is too much pink , well, I admit I am pinkholic :3 , maybe it is new for some of you but my main website was:


Not exactly related since my favorite color is purple, lol , and  I installed Gentoo really young, and for me this is really good 😀

I really would love to bring more people to celebrate with me :3

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