Vision and mission


Curl Pink is a project that aims to leave something special to everyone. It is usual that people has wishes, however they tell themselves that there is not time or money for accomplish them.

Innovation is one of the core values of Curl Pink because is the way to call out the people to change. Curl Pink aims to inspire you and reminds you that if you find out your motivation and the meaning of life, then you will have found the magic that everyone should find.

A life well lived is the most exquisite work of art. —Erwin McManus

Curl Pink is focused into two areas: Web contains and technology.

Web contains is about Blogging, technology is about computer science, specially  Free Software. Curl Pink publicly supports the Free Software and also aims to provide technology.

Hence, Curl Pink is comprised by several websites with different proposes. We think that we have to overcome the limits that restrain us. At the same time the new domains are being promoted , as them will constitute the future rather than the dot com domains.


  1.  Save the world from boredom
  2. Encourage new ways to see the world
  3. Become into a website for all the people in the world

Boredom is about the uneasiness of the modern life, also due to the nihilism, which is too extended in all the world.

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