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This page does not requires a privacy policy, however, a website should not be limited to meet only the minimal requirements, thus this site will detail how your information is handled.
Currently, creating a privacy-aware website is demanding and expensive.

It is worth mentioning that:

  • The website of Qubes OS, the operating system used by Snowden, is hosted on Github, which is owned by Microsoft.
  • Snowden is president of Freedom of The Press, whose site uses Google as one of it’s third-party sites.

The privacy of a person can be easily violated in any website unless Tor is used, or in its absence, a Firefox with several settings and plugins, however this last one is still an incomplete solution.

All web pages log the IP and user agents of their visitors. The lowest level of logs are the raw logs. This site does not register any IP actively, the provider claims that the raw logs are discarded after a week, although we cannot be certain about this.
Wordpress sites usually record the IP of the user and their user agent. Currently this site only actively stores the user agent of the commenters, which consists of the following information:

  1. Operating system and version, for example: Windows 10, in the case of Linux systems, it is possible to distinguish between Ubuntu and Fedora.
  2. Whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.
  3. Web browser and version: For example: Chrome 41.0.2228

It is not intended to store or process this information, it will be periodically discarded.

This site uses Jetpack, which is a third-party service. The greatest implications for privacy are in the information it collects for its use in statistics, similarly it also collects the user agent and the visitors’ IP, plus additional information such as language, country, search terms used in Google, activity and actions on the site as well as reference site.
jetpack privacy

Jetpack will also process the email of in the following way:
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Both the site and its third parties do not use cookies on the current site, however, even when European legislation does not require or contemplate it, it uses a kind of cookie called etags embedded in the browser’s cache.

Some sites of use Cloudflare that among other things use tracking cookies, , which are not subject to notification. The Cloudflare usage has several repercussions in privacy.