About me

Hello! 😀 I am Daya, and you may know me as Amulet or Amu, my hobbies are the webpages, the blogs, the languages and Gentoo

[spoiler title=”Meaning of my nick”]


“ǀf уσυ ɗση’т вєƖιєνє ιη уσυяѕєƖf, ωнσ ωιƖƖ!? Ƴσυ’яє тнє σηƖу σηє ɗємєαηιηg уσυяѕєƖf!”


My nick comes from Amu Hinamori, the main character of an anime called Shugo Chara

Amu is shy and self-denying, but is also kind-hearted. She is always prepared to go out of her way to help others who need it and learns the philosophy that comes with her life. Amu pretends to be tough even though that’s not who she really is.


Why Gentoo?

I mainly use Gentoo  for surfing the Web, listen music, and do everything that has to do with Ubuntu, Gentoo really is not such a hard system. To tell you the true I think it is no sense that people prefer the easy things since our wishes aren’t that easy, therefore we are confined to a too simplistic existence.
I guess it is just my style, I am such an obsessive person, when I find something which I love or I interested in, then I will put all my energy into it.
I think the world is constructed by people extremely obsessive as me.

But then again, why Gentoo ? because it is very flawless, simple and a lots of features, that is alright, ok?

[spoiler title=”More technical stuff”]

I don’t use it because I love to compile, indeed I use binaries as  far as possible such as Google Chrome and LibreOffice

This does not make me update the kernel, the kernel can be easily patched,  it works flawless,  packages can be updated with no need for dependencies  to be uploaded again as opposed to Debian Sid, it have lots of packages (36507) plus an advanzed “AUR” and a stable branch analogous to Debian Testing, updating it in a daily basics does break anything. Also you can choose between different versions of individual packages.

To summarize:
I don’t have an extremely amount of updates (Arch)   , outdated an hell of dependencies (Debian) , few packages and no automatization (Slakware), Syntemd , finally not need for reinstalling


Why I use Linux?

I guess I just needed to space out for all pressures in adolescence , and so I became too obsessive for it. The pressure was too high that I felt that I was not doing enough.

I knew Linux thanks to my Informatics teacher in middle school. One day I installed Linux when I was in middle school , so then I entered to high school. It was  really hard to me, even so I installed Linux 😉

I told you this because I don’t doing a major in informatics or something like that but I am doing a major in Environmental Engineering. This is my second year. As I once said: ” I am not dip in that overwhelming technical stuff but rather my main motivation is the people” :3

People loves to compare me to Haruhi Suzumiya

I am energetic and motivated, also I feel inspired a lot by my first ex boyfriend, really I have a lot of things to say c:

I  prepared this pdf for describing just the way I am  c:



Sometimes I feel identified a lot with this video, it is important for me and always I include this video when I introduce myself c: