Install a binary Chromium in Gentoo

Compiling Chromium takes so long time,  it takes up to 1 hour only in my i7 processor and it is most likely to take up to 20 hours in the low-end processors such as  Intel Atom.

But it is no need for compiling it, you will learn how to install a binary Chromium. Notice that a  precompiled package for Google Chrome  is also available from the official tree.

Install Chromium from the Sabayon repo:

export url=
wget $url$(curl -ls "$url" | grep chromium | grep tbz2 | head -1)
mv "$(curl -ls "$url" | grep chromium | grep tbz2 | head -1)" chromium.tar.bz2
tar -xvjf chromium.tar.bz2
sudo rsync -av usr /usr

Install  dependencies:

emerge libvpx libwebp dpkg app-arch/snappy dev-libs/re2

Please consider:

libvpx with use svc
libwebp with use abi_x86_32

Run these commands as root:

emerge -auD --with-bdeps=y glibc #You may need to perform a world update
[ -f /usr/lib/ ] || ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
[ -f /usr/lib/ ]  || ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
chown root:root /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/chrome-sandbox
chmod 4755 /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/chrome-sandbox


These bottons respect your privacy

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